TikTok is threatened with a ban on US government agencies under a new bill


Federal employees in the U.S. will be banned from using the China-owned social media app TikTok on government-issued devices under a bill en route to the US Senate, where lawmakers cite the security of users ’personal data as a major concern.

According to British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the law banning the presence of TikTok in government agencies was passed by Senator Josh Hawley unanimously by the US Senate Committee for Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, and the US Senate will vote on it.

TikTok’s widespread popularity among American teenagers has been scrutinized by US lawmakers and lawmakers who fear their personal information will fall into the hands of government officials in Beijing.

TikTok, which was originally used to create short dance videos and lip-sync and comedy talents last year, said about 60% of its 26.5 million active American users are between 16 and 24 years old.

Also, under a Chinese law introduced in 2017, companies are obligated to support and cooperate with national intelligence work.

Earlier this week, the House of Representatives voted to prevent federal employees from downloading the app to government-issued devices as part of a $ 741 billion defense policy bill, and lawmakers voted 71-336-71 to pass the motion, submitted by Representative Ken Buck.

And with that passed in the House and Senate committee approval, the ban could soon become law in the United States.

Senior Trump administration officials also said they are considering a broader ban on TikTok and other apps linked to China, and that this action may be imminent>

As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently said, Americans should be careful in using the app.


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