To Android users .. These applications steal your Facebook data


Android users are watching Google’s continuous improvement of its app store, and they are also keeping promises to improve this store, but malicious Android app developers will never stop producing malicious apps for Android users, and they will never stop trying to sneak into the store.

After all the company’s defenses to protect apps and check them, Google has set 25 applications that can steal users ’login data to Facebook.

Revealed (Evina), A French cybersecurity company, about this news in recent weeks, where it said in its report: One threat group has developed a set of malicious applications for Android users that were created to look like reliable applications, such as: wallpaper apps, and flashlight, to games the smartphone. However, all of these applications had the same goal, as Evina explains in her fraud report.

The company explains that when an application runs on your Android phone, malware inquires about the name of the application, if it is a Facebook application, the malicious program will launch a browser that loads Facebook at the same time. Where the browser is displayed at the front, which makes you believe that the application has run it, and when entering your credentials into this browser, the malicious program will implement (JavaScript) to retrieve it. Malware then sends your account information to the criminals’ server.

Applications included:

To Android users .. These apps steal login data for Facebook

One thing to note is, when Google pulled apps from the Google Play store after Evina shared their results, the search giant also disrupted apps from the user’s side, in addition to notifying the user via the service (Play Protect).

According to the French company (Evina), Google was notified of harmful applications with Android users in late May, and Google investigated and took action in June, although some applications have been in the Google Play store since at least 2019. According to the French company, these applications got more than two million downloads.

There have been a few examples, such as this one in recent months, such as the set loaded with twenty malware programs – including calendar, weather and camera functions – that Google had to launch from the Google Play Store again in February, after it had been Find a request for all sorts of potentially disgraceful permissions, but not before these applications got about 382 million downloads.


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