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Trump expresses

US President Donald expressed Trump Tuesday about “growing anger” about China, in light of the heavy losses left by the Covid-19 pandemic in the world in general and in his country in particular.

“When I see a pandemic revealing its horrific face around the world, including the damage done to the United States, I’m getting angry more and more about China,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

And US health officials acknowledged Tuesday that they do not control the epidemic with “complete”, expressing their fear of an outbreak of new cases of coronavirus in the coming weeks.

The already intense tension between the United States and China over the backdrop of the trade war increased with the outbreak of the newly created Corona Virus in the world, and Beijing’s Trump being held responsible.

The Trump administration believes that China has masked the size and severity of the epidemic, which has allowed it to see the virus spread more easily around the world.

The US authorities have reimposed closure measures in several parts of the country, in an effort to curb the dramatic increase in the number of HIV infections.

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