Trump is angry with China and holds it responsible for damaging his country from Corona


3:58 am

Wednesday 01 July 2020

US President Donald Trump has expressed “growing anger” over China over the emerging epidemic of the Coruna virus.

Trump, while tweeting on his Twitter account, said: “As I watch the epidemic spread its ugly face all over the world, including the enormous damage it has caused to the United States, I have become more and more angry with China … people can see it, and I can feel it “.

Trump added that the United States is fighting a battle to save its heritage, history and greatness.

And the US President holds China responsible for the outbreak of the new Corona virus around the world, considering that it hid information about the disease since the beginning of its spread in December last year.

Trump’s tweet comes in conjunction with the closure of at least 16 states, plans to reopen or undo, after monitoring large increases in HIV infections in large areas of the United States.

The United States has recorded the largest daily increase in the number of new HIV infections since the start of the epidemic.

A new statistic told “Reuters” that more than 46,000 new cases of the virus were recorded in the country.

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