Tunisian radio: The coastal star decides to forfeit Karim Oreibi because of Al-Ahly


Tunisian radio station “Mosabek” revealed that the management of the coastal star decided to forfeit the Algerian striker Karim El Oreibi, in order to pay the dues of Al-Ahly club.

FIFA decided to obligate the coastal star to pay one million and 400 thousand dollars to Al-Ahly club the rest of its dues in the fine of the Ivorian striker fleeing from his ranks, Soleimani Coulibaly.See more details“.

The Tunisian radio indicated that the star decided to sell Karim El Oreibi to one of the Saudi clubs that want to contract him, provided that Al-Ahly’s dues are paid from the price of the deal.

FIFA’s ruling came in light of the complaint previously submitted by Al-Ahly, within the framework of assignments of Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Chairman of Al-Ahly’s Board, to those responsible for legal affairs in the football sector to preserve the rights of the club..

The decision included that if the amount due is not paid, in addition to the benefits stipulated by the Tunisian club and its player within 45 days, the following will apply::

The coastal star is prohibited from registering any new players, whether at the local or international levels, until the amount due is paid for a maximum of three consecutive full registration periods, and the ban is completely lifted once the amount due is paid.

– In the event that the amount due under this decision is still not paid, the matter will be referred to the FIFA Disciplinary and Disciplinary Committee“.

– The player is prohibited from participating in official matches until the amount due is paid for a maximum period of 6 months, and the ban is lifted in full once the amount due has been paid..


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