Turkey ships off Libya and its mercenaries to Europe … the army is preparing


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

Turkey continues to move in the Mediterranean, provoking European countries, and prompting the Libyan army and navy to prepare.

The day after Turkish naval units moved to carry out excavations in the eastern Mediterranean, in a move that raised concern and rejection by Europe and heightened disputes over ownership of natural resources in the eastern Mediterranean, the Libyan naval forces confirmed their willingness to confront any Turkish ships approaching the Libyan coast.

The Libyan Army Chief of Staff, Major-General Faraj Mahdawi, told Al-Arabiya.net that the army now has the ability to destroy any ship up to 100 km from the Libyan coast, adding that Turkish naval units are the first target of the concentration of these known missiles In the world with its ability to sink any ship.

Mercenary smuggling

Simultaneously, a spokesman for the Libyan National Army, Major General Ahmed Al-Mesmari, announced that Turkey had opened a smuggling route for Syrian mercenaries across the Mediterranean to Europe.

He said in a press conference held in Benghazi, on Wednesday evening, that this line starts from the areas of Tripoli, Sabratah and Zwara, which are subject to the militias of the government of reconciliation supported by Ankara.

He also pointed to the escape of about 1,000 Syrian mercenaries from Zwara and Sabratha towards Europe last week, through boats provided by a European country in support of the Libyan coast guard.

Turkey and the Libyan Oil Gate

He also pointed out that there were reports that 483 Syrians had fled from Libya to Europe only on Tuesday.

With regard to the cities of Sirte and Al-Jafra, Al-Mismari confirmed that their axes were strongly fortified during the last period and strengthened with weapons, shields, radars and air defenses.

He also reiterated that the Libyan army believes in a political solution to the crisis for the benefit of Libyans, but at the same time it must prepare for any possible military confrontation in Libya.

This comes despite ongoing international mediation, in order to reduce escalation and a ceasefire in Libya.

Moscow and Ankara announced yesterday that they had reached an agreement on a ceasefire, but Turkey has stuck to the withdrawal of the Libyan army from the city of Sirte and Jafra.

It is noteworthy that the Mediterranean city of Sirte constitutes the gateway to the oil fields in the Libyan east, and the Al-Jafra region also includes an important air base near central Libya, which the Libyan army refuses to abandon, while Ankara and the Al-Wefaq government adhere to the condition of controlling the two regions before committing to a ceasefire.

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