Turkey suffocates the Euphrates .. and video from Syria “until they cut it”


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

With the increasing voices of international organizations warning against the exacerbation of the living and economic crisis in Syria, and most of the population approaching the brink of poverty and hunger, Turkey continues its violations in the north, especially in the areas under its control.

Lost It has repeatedly accused “self-administration” of cutting water About the population in those areas.

On Wednesday, the CEO of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, published a video depicting the drought situation that some of those areas located east on the banks of the Euphrates in Syria, noting that the population and for ages and years were serving all their needs from this river, but Turkey built it more From the dams, the waters dried up for those in need.

In the video, a citizen appeared, saying, “Even the water cut it off from us.” While the cameraman of the clip began saying: “Look, this is the state of the Euphrates, this is all the river, look,” pointing to dry areas on its banks.

Accusation of Turkey

It is noteworthy that the General Administration of Dams at the “Self-Administration” for northern and eastern Syria was warned a few days ago of a disaster due to the low water level in the Euphrates River, and said it would work to reduce the hours of electrical feeding to the cities and towns of East Euphrates, due to the large drop in the water level.

The Turkish government also held the responsibility of cutting water off the area, and explained that “the water supply of the Euphrates River by Turkey has reached less than a quarter of the internationally agreed upon amount,” adding that the level of the “Tishreen Dam” reached 322.30 cubic meters, and the level of the Euphrates Lake for (Tabqa Dam) It reached 301.27 cubic meters, which is a very low level compared to this period of each year. ”

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