Turkey’s debts pending under Tripoli … A drones deal


Source: Arabic.Net – Monia Ghanmi

Turkey has started arranging new support for militias and militant factions alongside the Libyan Accord government that supports it against the Libyan army, in harsher ways. According to local media reports, Ankara provided the militia with Drones with a “suicide” march.

And the Libyan website, “The 24 Hours”, quoted an official security source, saying that the reconciliation government led by Fayez al-Sarraj had authorized the governor of the Central Bank, the great friend, to transfer the accumulated debts to them in favor of Turkey in his recent visit and Monday meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The same source added, refusing to disclose his identity for reasons that might make him vulnerable to prosecution inside Tripoli, that “the late debts include the payment of a deal related to drones of all kinds.”

In the same vein, Ramzi Agha, Chair of the Liquidity Crisis Management Committee, mentioned in Central Bank of Libya (East of the country) to Arabic.Net, that the presence of the great friend in Turkey was also to put the final touches to the implementation of the agreement concluded between the government of reconciliation and the Turkish government in order to compensate the Turkish companies that had contracts before 2011 and whose value is estimated at nearly three billion dollars, pointing out that The picture in which the great friend with Erdogan and the governor of the Turkish Central Bank appeared, is a celebration of the start of implementation of this agreement.

While international efforts are combined to resolve the Libyan conflict and the return of the conflicting parties to the negotiating table, Turkey’s interference complicates this matter, while continuing to arm and support armed and extremist groups and transport the Syrian mercenaries, as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has repeatedly emphasized.

Prime Minister Al-Wefaq Fayez al-Sarraj during his meeting with the Turkish delegation in Tripoli (Archives - Reuters)
Prime Minister Al-Wefaq Fayez al-Sarraj during his meeting with the Turkish delegation in Tripoli (Archives – Reuters)

Khaled al-Sharif .. loyal to al Qaeda

In this regard, the Libyan website report stated that Ankara is planning to supply the dangerous terrorist and the military official of the Libyan fighting group loyal to al-Qaeda Khaled al-Sharif and his elements in the cities and regions of western Libya by flying, using several small airports and transferring its control to the Libyan Fighting Group, which turns some of its elements into supporters and loyalists Ansar al-Sharia, Al-Qaeda and the Shura Councils that were formed in the past years inside Libya.

According to the statements of a security source, the report stated that the remnants of the extremist elements inside Tripoli and under the guidance of the isolated Libyan mufti, Sadiq al-Ghariani, are seeking to obtain advanced weapons from Turkey, as part of consecutive deals with the government of reconciliation, the terrorist groups are seeking to obtain, the most important of which are the suicide marches that will pose a threat to Libya and the countries of the region.

Khaled al-Sharif
Khaled al-Sharif

Aircraft Albago

According to observers, these advanced weapons will include “Alago” drones, which are preparing to join the fleet of suicidal drones, which is one of the most prominent products in the Turkish defense industries during the recent period, and the Defense Technology Engineering Company “STM” will provide Ankara with this plane. To enter the military service at the end of this year.

In addition, the report indicated that this plane is the same one that Muhammad Amari Zayed, a member of the Presidential Council and one of the militants supporting terrorist groups, seeks to contract to supply and obtain, with the aim of absolute control of Libya.

Turkish planes march at Mitiga airport
Turkish planes march at Mitiga airport

“Elago” is characterized by its light weight, high speed, and the ability to fly at a low level to avoid radars and flying without sound, as well as its ability to destroy targets, and provides it with the feature of artificial intelligence.

Despite its small size and weight not exceeding 2 kg, this suicidal plane can carry explosives, perform tasks at great distances, and use them to carry out missions very quickly.

Turkey and embrace the extremists

It is noteworthy that Khaled Al-Sharif (55 years old) is considered one of the most dangerous terrorists wanted by the Libyan army, because he belongs to al-Qaeda and committed crimes against the Libyan people, and he is a prominent leader in the so-called “Libyan Fighting Group” loyal to the al-Qaeda organization led by terrorist Abdel Hakim Belhadj residing in Turkey He is accused of direct supervision of the transfer of arms and financial support to terrorist groups during his tenure as Under-Secretary of the Libyan Ministry of Defense, following the events of 2011, before his dismissal from his post in 2014, after he was accused of supplying weapons to the terrorist militias in the capital, Tripoli, and his direct support to Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi and al-Qaeda in Darnah .

Al-Sharif has a history of terrorism, as the information documented in his security file with the former Internal Security Agency indicates that he left Libya for Afghanistan in 1988 to join extremist groups there, and he obtained a leadership position in terrorist groups in Afghanistan until he reached the leader of the armed wing and the deputy leader of the Libyan group. The fighter, before returning to Libya for the first time in 1996.

In 2003, he was arrested by US forces in Pakistan and deported to Libya again, and he remained in prison until 2008; He was released after he announced his acceptance of intellectual reviews.

Abdelhakim Belhadj
Abdelhakim Belhadj

After the departure of Muammar Gaddafi, specifically in December 2012, Sharif assumed command of the so-called “National Guard” and the Hadaba prison, in which officials of the Muammar Gaddafi regime, as well as the Ministry of Defense Agency, resigned before his dismissal from his position in 2014 for his involvement in supporting terrorists in the capital. Tripoli, providing them with weapons, and moving him to stay in Turkey.

In a previous statement to Al-Arabiya.net, a military source at the General Command of the Libyan Army revealed that Turkey had pushed in the final days of the Battle of Tripoli with Khaled al-Sharif to oversee the military operations of the al-Wefaq forces and take charge of the attacks on the Al-Wattia air base, where it was seen moving in the western perimeter of the capital, Tripoli.

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