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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed said today, Tuesday, that the recent political turmoil in his country will not delay his plans to start filling the giant Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile, despite the objections of Egypt and Sudan.

Violent protests erupted in the capital, Addis Ababa, and the surrounding Oromo region, after the murder of popular singer Hashalu Hundisa, who sparked ethnic tensions.

These protests resulted in the death of 166 people, according to the latest official toll released by the authorities last weekend.

And Abi Ahmed considered, last week, that these events are “part of a conspiracy to stir trouble in Ethiopia”, without clarifying who is involved.

But he provided more details, on Tuesday, saying: The unrest aims to disrupt Ethiopias plans for the Renaissance Dam.

“The purpose of the breaking news is to make the Ethiopian government turn a blind eye to the dam,” he told parliamentarians at an accountability session, without providing evidence.

Ethiopia has repeatedly said it wants to fill the dam’s reservoir this month, in the middle of the country’s monsoon season, but Egypt and Sudan are pushing for an agreement first on how to operate the giant dam.

The three countries resumed negotiations last week, without producing positive results so far.

Abi Ahmed confirmed, on Tuesday, Ethiopias position that the process of filling the dam is an essential element in its construction, saying: “If Ethiopia does not fill the dam, this means that Ethiopia agreed to demolish the dam.”

He continued: “On other points we can reach an agreement slowly over time, but to fill the dam we can reach and sign an agreement this year.”

Abi Ahmed condemned the attempt by some local politicians to take advantage of the Hashalu killing to topple his government.

He said, “You cannot become in power by overthrowing the government, by destroying the country, and by provoking ethnic and religious chaos.”

He added: “If Ethiopia becomes Syria, if Ethiopia becomes Libya, then the loss will affect everyone.”

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