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Uncovered benefit of the country

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Dr. Antonina Starodopova, an independent nutritionist (outside the angel) at the Moscow Ministry of Health, announced that chewing gum could help facilitate the process of losing extra pounds.

The expert said in an interview with the Russian news agency “Moskva”, that frankincense improves the cleanliness of the oral cavity, and she said, “There is information reviewing the effectiveness of chewing gum in reducing weight … when some appetite decreases when they chew gum on a regular basis, eating less Light, due to the busyness of the mouth as well as the result of changing taste. “

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Chewing gum reduces appetite and increases mental activity

She added that the chewing muscles are able to burn calories. Repeated chewing movements help stabilize the emotional state.

The doctor notes that chewing gum stimulates the secretion of saliva, and says, “Saliva has a positive effect in cleaning the mouth from leftovers. The saliva contains substances that prevent the multiplication of bacteria in the oral cavity, helps prevent tooth decay and stimulates breathing.”

At the same time, the expert warns against chewing gum frequently and for long periods, because it can harm the person, as it leads to the wear and tear of dental fillings and crowns. Therefore, to reduce the effect of frankincense, frankincense gum should be chewed, for no more than 10-20 minutes continuous, and no more than 30 minutes a day.

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