Urgent .. Muhammad Waziri was imprisoned for 4 days after Haifa Wehbe’s reports


Yasser Kantoush, Haifa Wehbe’s lawyer, said that the second prosecutor of Sheikh Zayed decided to imprison Mohamed Waziri, the Lebanese artist’s director of works, in the complaints submitted against him by the artist on charges of seizing her money and defrauding her.

The lawyer of the Lebanese actress, Haifa Wehbe, added that the prosecution decided to detain Muhammad Waziri for 4 days, pending investigations into the reports submitted against him.

Differences erupted between the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe and her manager, Mohamed Waziri, who recently accused him of stealing millions of pounds and reached 63 million by virtue of being her manager.

Muhammad Waziri spoke in a phone call to the “Al-Hekaya” program, which is presented by the media Amr Adeeb, on the MBC Egypt channel, denying all the accusations directed against him, saying: “I can’t take large amounts of ZD without her knowledge, and God did not serve Including money or real estate, I myself am in a single document that says that I took money from it, it is not reasonable to take the money in a plastic bag.

Haifa Wehbe responded indirectly to him, through the “Story” feature through her personal account on the site of sharing pictures and short videos “Instagram”, a cartoon picture of a young man with a long nose, and commented: “Liar.”

Haifa Wehbe filed a lawsuit against Mohamed Waziri, accusing him of stealing her money, to respond to her with a claim to prove his marriage to her before the Family Court. Ongoing.


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