Urgent statement from the government regarding talking about “importing corrupt wheat shipments and entering them into a destiny”


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The Media Center of the Council of Ministers denied the rumors regarding importing corrupt wheat shipments and their entry into the Egyptian market.

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers stated in the fact-finding report issued today that it had contacted the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, which denied these reports, confirming that no corrupt wheat shipments were imported.

She explained that all wheat shipments that are allowed to enter Egypt are completely intact and conform to all international specifications and standards, and are subject to examination and control by the Egyptian agricultural quarantine, while taking all necessary preventive and precautionary measures in light of the Corona crisis.

The Egyptian Agricultural Quarantine Department checks all shipments of grains to ensure that they are free of pests, as there are procedures being taken before importing any shipment coming from abroad, to ensure the extent of conformity of the shipment to the standard specifications, and if it is found that the shipment does not conform to the specifications are rejected, with notification to the state By rejecting the wrong shipment by issuing a formal refusal notice that is prepared in accordance with international standards, and sending it to the country from which the shipment received was rejected.

In a related context, the ministry stated that it is intended to supply about 3.5 million tons of local wheat during the current season, and the stock of imported wheat will be increased during the local supply season, where 800 thousand tons will be imported, in order to secure all citizens’ needs of that strategic commodity.

She appealed to all media and social media users to investigate accuracy and objectivity and communicate with the concerned authorities, to make sure before publishing information that is not based on any facts, and leads to concern among citizens.

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