Video Ahmed Kamal reveals the truth about Abla Kamel’s retirement


11:30 PM

Saturday 04 July 2020

I wrote- Bahira Foda:
Artist Ahmed Kamal denied the rumors circulating about the retirement of the artist Abla Kamel, which has recently spread through social media.
Kamal said during a phone call to Al-Hadath Al-Youm program with the media Sayed Ali: “Abla did not retire and is waiting for good roles. She agrees to it and is suitable for her, but she is expected after the Corona crisis that does not end, because she is very afraid of these needs.”

Rumors spread during the recent period of the retirement of the artist Abla Kamel, because she did not appear for a long time and also did not communicate on her mobile phone, which some people explained that she retired from acting forever.

Artist Ahmed Kamal was married to Abla Kamel, and he has two daughters.

It is mentioned that, the last work of the great artist Abla Kamel, was the fifth part of the series “Salsal Al Dam”,
Which was presented in 2018, and the tournament was shared by the artists Riyad Al-Khouli, Ahmed Badir, Rania Farid Shawky, Ahmed Salama, Rami Waheed, Diaa Abdel-Khaleq, Amira Hani, and was written by Magdy Saber and directed by Mostafa El-Shall.


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