Video and photos 18 Takfiris killed and 4 vehicles destroyed in thwarting a terrorist attack on an ambush in Bir al-Abd


Within the framework of the continuous efforts made by the armed forces in combating terrorism in North Sinai and securing all strategic directions of the state, our forces succeeded in thwarting an attempt to attack the Takfiri elements on a security base in the Bir al-Abed area by using (4) vehicles and a number of Takfiri elements.

The security forces of the security pillar, in cooperation with the Air Force, chased the Takfiri elements inside a farm and some unoccupied houses, killing 18 Takfiri individuals, including an individual wearing an explosive belt, and destroying 4 vehicles, including 3 car bombs, and as a result of the heroic actions of the insurance forces, 2 martyrs were martyred Heroes of the armed forces and wounding 4 others while carrying out their national duty.

The armed forces affirm their continuous efforts to secure all strategic directions of the state, eliminate the roots and eradication of terrorism, and provide security and safety for the great people of Egypt.

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