Video .. Hijazi celebrates returning to the English league


Egyptian international Ahmed Hegazy, West Bromwich Albion defender and his teammates celebrated the team’s direct ascent to the English Premier League next season.

The West Bromwich account on Twitter posted a video of the team’s celebrations at their stadium, with a return to Premiere.

Hegazy did not participate in the formation of his team against Queens Park and remained on the bench.

West Bromwich tied in the last round of the English Premier League “Championship” 2-2 with Queen’s Park, and Ahmed Hegazy was on the bench of West Bromwich.

West Bromwich raised its score to number 83 in second place, climbing directly to the Premier League next season with champion Leeds United champion.

West Bromwich benefited from Brentford and Fulham, who are third and fourth, and direct competitors to the team on the second card, as Brentford lost to Barnsley 1/2, while Fulham drew with Wigan 1/1.

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