Video – Laila Elwi reveals the secret of her return to the 1980s. This is her message to girls


In an intervention via Zoom’s application with the “Cairo Now” program presented by the media by Lamees Al-Hadidi on Al-Arabiya satellite channel, the artist, Leila Elwi, revealed the scenes of her comparison to the fashion lines in the nineties and now through her account on “Instagram,” saying: “The topic is a coincidence, I was a base with a heart In the old photo albums, I decided to surround them, especially that the social fans love these pictures. ”

He added: “I was surprised before the summer 2020 season that all the fashion of the eighties and nineties returned again to the wide dresses and” fluffy “sleeves, so I decided to comment.

And she continued: “To the extent that I have an old clothing of the eighties and nineties preserved, and when I found the fashion returned, I said I could wear it again.”

And I continued: “It is true that I changed the shape and age, in my photos during this period and now, but the intentions of Zay Mana, and who knows me personally, understands this.”

She revealed that a telephone conversation took place between her and Ilham Shaheen recently, in which she said to her, “We all know that you are like what you do not change from your side.”

On the other hand, Leila Elwi sent a message to girls who are subjected to harassment and harassment, and asked them to defend themselves and seek asylum with the National Council for Women.

“I encourage any girl who is harassed and harassed to defend herself and uses the law and the National Council for Women, who will give her full support,” she said in a tweet through her official Twitter account.


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