Video .. Shaima Saif takes on the role of Hind Sabri and apologizes to the blue elephant … Details


The artist appeared Shaima Saif Recently, on the way of the star, Hind Sabry, through a video posted on her account on Instagram, where the video included her imitation of one of the scenes of the second part of the blue elephant movie, to comment on it “with an apology to the blue elephant”.

On the other hand, the artist has already celebrated Shaima Saif The birthday of her husband, Mohamed Carter, through her account on the “Instagram” website, a few days ago, where she published a photo of him in front of his birthday cake, sending him a romantic message saying “In love and in Carter … in love and in Carter … and in the heart of Carter … every year and you are my love”.

Shaima Saif
Shaima Saif

The actress Shaima Seif and her husband, Mohamed Carter, had a traffic accident during the independence of their private car, last month, where she published through her personal account on the site of exchanging pictures and videos “Instagram”, a video of the effects of the accident on the car and commented, Indeed, the one who desires to be disheartened is not Hazar. ”

On the other hand, the actress Shaima Seif is playing her first absolute championships in the world of television drama through a new series of the quality of the work of the 45 episodes, and it bears a temporary name “by force”. One of the upcoming seasons.


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