Warnings: European hamsters are in danger of extinction


Experts warn that the European hamster is now “in grave danger” and is one step away from extinction, as the International Union for Conservation of Nature stressed that the European hamster will soon die out, as the number of European hamsters – Cricetus cricetus – has decreased due to lower breeding rates.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, while hamsters in the wild give birth to about 20 children annually in the last century, today they usually give birth to only 5-6 puppies annually.

It is believed that rodents will become extinct within 30 years, with possible causes including global warming, industry and pollution.

Wild rodents are one of 120,372 species whose risks have been recorded in the latest edition of the IUCN “Red List of Threatened Species”.

It is also known that 32,441 species are on the verge of extinction with the right North Atlantic Whale and 31% of all lemurs.

The updated list of threatened species also represents the result of a review of the status of all African primates, and concluded that more than half were at risk.

This includes all 17 species of Red Colobus, making it the most threatening monkey species on the continent, the decline of African primates due to the loss of both habitats, as well as the search for bushmeat, many of which are illegal.

It is also clear that a person needs to radically change his relationship with other primates and to nature as a whole. At the heart of this crisis is an urgent need for alternative and sustainable livelihoods to replace the current dependence on deforestation and the unsustainable use of wildlife.

Experts believe that low whales are driven by low breeding rates and deaths through ship strikes and entanglement in fishing gear, with the latter accounting for 87% of human-caused deaths from 2012 to 2016.

In addition, climate change adds pressure to species, and pushes its main prey north in the summer in a region with a high density of shipping routes and crab ropes.


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