Watch..Assi Al-Halani in the studio preparing for new ideas


Lebanese artist Assi El-Halani revealed his preparation for a new work, without revealing its details.
Al-Halani posted on his personal page on a social networking site, a picture of him during his stay in the studio, and commented: “Always the time in the studio does not end and preparing for new ideas continues waiting for us.”
It is reported that Al-Hallani had recently released a video clip of his song “Bashgak”, from the words of Ihab Abdel-Azim, composed by Mohamed Abi, and directed by Ahmed Al-Munajjid.
The clip tells the story of the love of Asi and his former wife, Miss Lebanon, Colette Paul, during 25 years of marriage, and their family lives and their relationship with their children Marietta, Alwaleed and Dana.


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