We will hold the Iranians accountable for their behavior in the region


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

The United States representative to the United Nations, Kelly Kraft, said today, Thursday, in an exclusive interview with Al-Arabiya, that Aramcos attack is evidence of Iran’s destabilizing behavior, stressing that Washington will hold the Iranians accountable for their behavior in the region.

She said Washington was eager to extend Arms embargo Iran should now be due to expire in October under the 2015 nuclear deal, stressing that Washington will use all tools to extend the arms embargo.

The Washington delegate to the United Nations stressed that Iran’s nuclear program is not peaceful, stating that Washington will not allow Iranian repression in Iraq.

“We do not target the people.”

She emphasized that the administration of President Donald Trump used all tools to confront the Iranian regime, and added, “President Trump made it clear that sanctions are not aimed at the Iranian people.”

She added that Russia and China politicized humanitarian aid in Syria.

“We have informed the Security Council of the situation of the displaced in Idlib,” Kraft added, stressing that the humanitarian situation in Syria is extremely disturbing.

Iran is not committed

A week ago, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that lifting the arms embargo on Iran would increase tension in the region, stressing that Washington would not allow Iran to destabilize the region again.

Pompeo added that the governments of the world reject Iran’s acquisition of advanced weapons, as they have not complied with the current restrictions and continue to commit violations.

He pointed out that Iran cannot be trusted as a responsible country when it continues to threaten other countries and support terrorist activity.

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