Wenger nominates Ahmed Fathi to work as a coach after retirement and reveals the secret of Muhammad Salah’s strength


Talk Arsene Wenger, the legendary technical director of the Arsenal team On the authority of Ahmed Fathi, the star of Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team, after the player was with “Al-Madfaya” during a period of living while the French coach was in the London club, and confirmed that the player had a good personality and had a good presence during his time with Arsenal.

Wenger said, in an interview with “AS” in the Arabic version, that Ahmed Fathi had contacted him before to consult him on some matters without revealing them.

On the future of Fathi and the possibility of him working as a coach after retirement, Wenger said, “I think he will become an excellent coach, he has everything to qualify for this role.”.

Wenger touched on Mohamed Salah saying, “Mohamed Salah is an exceptional player, he has great capabilities, and is a great addition to any team that plays for him .. And what distinguishes him is that he combines more than one element, all of them are required in football now, it combines high speed and strength Physical, in addition to the technical quality provided on the field.

Wenger explained that “Mohamed Salah has developed a lot of himself in the past years, now he has a greater tactical awareness, and he has a different vision about the competitors’ penalty area, which makes him a dangerous player anywhere on the offensive side, and he also managed with the passage of time and experience that He acquired it from all the teams he played for, to develop his sense of scoring until his left shot became deadly for the goalkeepers. “

On the secret of Salah’s access to this level, Wenger said, “Mental strength is the most important thing that distinguishes him. Muhammad Salah is like the big players in this aspect, which is that he has mental strength, and a unique mentality, he is always positive and thinks how to develop from himself, and he is always looking for more, not Suffice it to what he has achieved, this is the real key to becoming a great player.

Wenger concluded his remarks on the Pharaoh, saying: “Salah has not yet reached the finish line, and there is certainly more to come from..


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