What are the drawbacks of not having Covid-19 symptoms?


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Dr. Dmitry Yedelev, head of the national project “The Health of the Nation”, pointed out that the coronavirus is very dangerous, not only because of its consequences, but also because it may infect those recovering from it again.

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The doctor said in an interview with “Russia 24” television channel, it became clear that three months after the recovery of the British and the Germans who contracted the disease, the antibodies to the disease disappeared in three quarters of those infected with it, which does not rule out their being infected again.

“This means that a person recovering from Covid-19 can be infected again 4 times a year. And every time the disease leaves certain scars in the lungs, heart, kidneys and intestines. And we now know that the disease leaves severe effects on the central nervous system. So this disease Very dangerous, because it does not kill instantly, but rather causes other diseases, which complicates the health situation more. “

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Categories prohibited vaccination with the Coronavirus vaccine

According to him, the absence of symptoms of the disease is the most dangerous form. “Because the absence of symptoms, it is evidence that the immune system does not fight the virus. This means that the virus is activated and has become master of the situation. Because high body temperature and other symptoms indicate a conflict between the immune system and the virus,” he said. He added, explaining, “When the virus remains in the body, and the immune system does not recognize it, with any weakness in the body it will appear causing a serious disease.”

The doctor pointed out that, in patients who do not have symptoms of the disease, doctors discover serious changes in the lungs and heart, such as those observed when the severe type of “Covid-19” is observed. Therefore it is advised to carry out the necessary tests and vaccination against influenza, as it may help somewhat in fighting the coronavirus.

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