What happens to the body when running every day?


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What happens to the body when running every day?

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Running is the easiest way to maintain physical fitness, but how does running affect the health of the body and what are the changes that occur when exercising daily?

Svetlana Ovarova, the trainer, answers these questions and says that running is very beneficial even for amateurs and children alike, especially if it does not have side effects, and pointed out that in order for running to be enjoyable, comfortable and beneficial, important conditions must be observed.

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Intense running resists osteoporosis

According to her, if we liken the human body to a machine that has an engine (the cardiovascular and respiratory system) and a chassis (the musculoskeletal system), if we start running, without taking into account the specificity of the “motor” i.e. the risk of overloading the heart muscle, this may lead to injury With various diseases. Therefore, before starting the sport of running, you should see a doctor, and after making sure that there is no objection to practicing this sport, a person can start.

The trainer indicates that after several exercises, the person will notice the increased ability of his body to endure hardship because the cells and muscles of the body during running will get a high percentage of oxygen, which makes the person feel an increase in his strength.

In addition to this, metabolism accelerates, and when running regularly, the process of burning accumulated fats and carbohydrates accelerates, and the person becomes graceful.

So it can be said that running is one of the most effective physical exercises that affect almost all muscles in the body.

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This is scientifically the best time of day to exercise

Molecular biologist Dennis Varvanets adds: If we look at running from a medical point of view, we will first feel, after the start of exercise, the increase in free radicals and other signal molecules, which enhance the biological formation of mitochondria, and increase the secretion of nitrogen oxide, which improves the state of blood vessels.

He notes, that during running, the blood is saturated with the hormone dopamine, one of the hormones of happiness, which the body produces during hugs or eating chocolate, that is, in addition to improving mood, there is no desire to eat sweets.

And stresses that running speeds up the metabolism process, which means positive changes in the body, especially the burning of accumulated fat.

However, on the other hand, if a person exercises this intense sport, fatigue will appear on the body sooner or later, leading to injuries and infections of the respiratory system.

So it is best to start running under the supervision of a coach.

Source: Novosti


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