What is behind the transport of Major General Al-Sagtari from Aden to Saudi Arabia by a private plane?


What is behind the transfer of Major General Al-Suqtari from Aden ...

Source: Aden – Toss News

Major General Salem Al-Sagtari, a member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council and deputy head of the Southern Self-Administration, on Thursday evening, left for Saudi Arabia with a private plane from the Kingdom.

Special sources stated to “Erm News” that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requested the transitional council to visit the Al-Suqtari brigade to Riyadh, as part of the efforts made by the Kingdom to bring views closer in the context of implementing the provisions of the Riyadh agreement.


The same sources ruled out the recall of Major General Al-Sagtari to Riyadh within the framework of assignments and positions, but she said that it falls within the context of the understandings sponsored by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the Riyadh agreement.

Regarding the upcoming government in Yemen, the sources indicated that there has not been agreement yet on the nomination of the Prime Minister, amid refusal and opposition from some Brotherhood parties involved in the legitimate government for a number of names offered.

On the position of the governor of Aden, I mentioned that the matter is almost settled in favor of the Secretary-General of the Transitional Council, Ahmed Hamid Lemlis, the most prominent candidate for this position, especially since there is agreement to assign the position of the governor of Aden in favor of the Transitional Council, provided that the position of Aden’s security director is assigned to the two parties by consensus.

Other political sources have gone on to talk that Socotra’s summons to Riyadh came to discuss with him about the Socotra Archipelago, especially since he was a former governor of the island and had sufficient information in detail of its military, security and social conditions.


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