What is the fate of the battered girl Qalioub? .. Her father tortured her, chained her, and put out cigarettes on her body


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Salwa Turk, head of the Child Protection Committee in Qalioubia, said that the child “B”, whose father, A, was tortured, chained, and put out cigarettes in her body in the Izbat Imam area of ​​Qalioub city, is currently undergoing physical and psychological treatment by doctors at Qalioub General Hospital.

“Turk” added that there are two psychiatrists conducting sessions for the child to treat it from the shock of torture that occurred to her from her father due to sensory and moral abuse, deprivation of kindness and affection that she missed due to the separation of the mother from the father and the treatment of the father cruelly and under the pretext of engaging in acts contrary to public morals.

The President of the Child Protection Committee explained that after the end of the psychological and physical treatment stage for the child, she will be placed in the Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Care Home in Qalioub, in implementation of the Public Prosecution’s decision regarding her to deposit her in a nursing home.

The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood had announced its success in saving a child from the torture of her father and wife in Qalioub, after the child’s “16000” help line received a notification from a neighbor who asked for the confidentiality of his data in the Qalioub region to rescue and save a 11-year-old girl from the torture of her father and his wife as The father bound her with an iron chain in her skylight, causing severe injuries, and immediately a report was issued on the child’s rescue line, and the child was rescued.

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