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What is the truth about the injury of the Syrian artist Ahmed R ...

Source: Damascus-Erm News

The Syrian-Palestinian artist, Ahmed Rafi, has been staying in a hospital in the Syrian capital, Damascus, for days after he was exposed to severe health problems, and his symptoms are similar to the cold and flu.

According to the sources, “Rafeh” was transferred to the hospital by his son, the young actor Nour Rafeh, due to his increasing pain and shortness of breath, which necessitated a medical smear to confirm his infection with a virus. Sk Whether or not the results have not been released yet, which requires a day or two to appear.

In press statements, Nour Rafeh confirmed that his father has been in the hospital for days, and that he accompanies him and stays with him to care for him, denying that the result of the swab had been issued after.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Rafi is married and has two children: “Muhammad” who died due to the Syrian war, and “Nour” who participated in many TV works as an actor.

Ahmad Rafeh started his artistic career in 1973, after which he set out to present several television, theatrical, and cinematic works. His most recent film work was “Blood of the Palm” and “Damascus – Aleppo”, while he participated in the last dramatic season as an honorary guest with Mselisly. And the Silk Market.


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