“WhatsApp” reveals the cause of a failure due to which talks could not be held … and confirms: repaired


The instant messaging application, WhatsApp, revealed an internal update of the WhatsApp application systems, which resulted in a failure of some users because of which it was not possible to conduct conversations through the application. The issue was quickly handled and fixed by all the users. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused by responding to the seventh day’s questions about a malfunction.

A number of users of the “WhatsApp” application complained about a malfunction that hindered them from using the popular Facebook communication application, yesterday evening. Users are immediately directed to “Twitter” to express their dissatisfaction and ask whether this malfunction is theirs only or is it a general problem with the application, and the application immediately issues the list of truidines in Egypt.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 with more than $ 19 billion, but both WhatsApp founders – Brian Acton and Jan Kum – resigned two years ago because of an alleged difference of opinion with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg About data privacy, encryption, and platform monetization issues, they always wanted to stay free of the distracting and working factors like pure and independent chat experience.


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