Who is the Iranian Shihab, “Salt of Instagram”, expelled from Kuwait? – Toss News


The star of the Iranian social networking site, Shihab and the famous, is confronted with “Instagram Salt”, based in Kuwait A decision to deport, on the pretext of publishing indecent acts.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior confirmed, through its accounts on the communication sites, about its seizure, evaluating the publication of several clips contrary to public morals, pointing to the monitoring and follow-up of several videos belonging to him, which is similar to the opposite sex and imitating celebrities and portraying women in clothes and shrewd movements of modesty.

Although the Ministry of Interior did not reveal the identity of the resident in question, local accounts and activists pointed out that he was a frequent Shihab of Instagram.

Who is the Shihab whom Kuwait decided to deport?

Shehab’s origin goes back to Iran, as he holds his nationality, and is called Shihab Murtada Ghafoori, born on August 10, 2000. He was born in the State of Kuwait and gained wide fame on social media sites, as a result of his celebrity tradition in a comic way, in addition to his talent for singing.

Shehab, who holds the title of “Instagram salt”, continues through his account on “Instagram” at least one million and six hundred thousand followers, while the year property was removed from the account and transferred to the private after it was seized by the security authorities.


Shehab has previously entered into a number of cases, including his disagreement with the star of Kuwaiti communication websites Talal Al-Buhairi, as he was previously summoned by the Public Prosecution on the charge of “violating the divine self”.

In previous meetings, he affirmed that he “loves tradition and comedy since he was in school”, and that he started towards fame with the encouragement of his sister, adding that he is “the only son” of his mother.

The star of the media announced the death of his father in February this year.

It was not clear the nature of the videos in question that caused the decision to remove Shehab from Kuwait, especially as he originally gained his fame from the tradition of male and female artists.


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