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Many of the news headlines these days point to “the state’s right to infringe on its property and private property.” He claimed that the happy people with such news – and I am at their head – are not a majority. Those who did the infringement or participated in the preparation, facilitation and preparation, or paid money for the purchase of infringing units or property are very many. Those who were born in the era of major transgressions that spanned many years may exceed more than half a century, and grew up on the principle that the encroachment on state property is permissible and permissible, and that stopping this transgression is an oppression of the simple and the oppression of the overpowering and the oppression of the weak are very, very many.

It is sufficient, for example, and not limited to, that many places of worship – especially the corners – originated on lands and sidewalks in the system of transgression, but by bringing in dazzling religion and religion. It is sufficient that attempts to eliminate such abuses were viewed by some over the years as a war against religion and religious people! Oh my God!.

I increase your poetry at home and say that some of the “intellectuals”, “revolutionaries” and “liberals” consider to this day that correcting the situation, eliminating transgressions, and considering the neediest economic groups is oppression by the state, oppression of the poor, and run over the poor.

It bothered me very much to read the following lines on the “Exhibitions” website in reference to the “Asmarat” project, which is the best example of the state’s move to provide a basic right for its citizens, which is human housing. “So and so describes the condition of the house in the Maspero Triangle, that the door of the apartment does not close, the door of the abode does not close, and people ask about some of this way.” The lines criticize the new “Asmarat” units that “the new design does not allow the same type of social communication because of the absence of a common space that enables individuals from one or several families to communicate.” Oh, God !, as if the brown apartments had no door to open and walked a few steps to knock on another door and ask the neighbors! I cannot find more than a satirical comment to a friend on this strange and condemnable approach to providing human housing for Egyptian citizens who were pushed to turn Egypt into a random country in heart and shape, shape and object, culture and behavior after their numbers worsened to reach a few million people who live in slums and live in them: «Zay but Chilwa Are people from desolation ?! ”

I return to the purpose of this article, which is to point out that the file of removing transgressions and paying fines is not only related to the right of the state, but I ask and demand the right of the citizen who was wasted over half a century to convert the idea of ​​transgression into a system and way of life, but to consider defending encroachment as either a jihad For the sake of God, in support of his religion, or in a national struggle and a political struggle to support the poor and support defeat. Who will pay the price of “intellectual devastation” that managed millions, and who will pay the value of reforming the corners of the mind and deviations of thought? !!.

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