Widad Hamdi was rejected by Farid Shawky’s family due to the role of the maid


She is the fun maid with a cheerful face and a good heart, and she is considered the most important reason for her automatic success and lightness of her shadow, she presented the role of the maid in a way different from that provided by the others, she is the late artist and Dad Hamdi, who is passing through her birthday today, although she played many roles other than the role of the maid like the mother And the wife, the neighbor, the neighbor and the friend, but it was associated in the minds of the public with the maid, because it gave the role a special taste.

Widad Hamdi possessed an exceptional Egyptian beauty and had all the criteria that would qualify her to be a movie hero, but she did not have the opportunity that the sons of her generation had. She was sure that she had the talent to sing, so he started looking for an opportunity to present her talent, but after a period and attempts of failure, I discovered that it was not suitable for singing.

She presented nearly 600 works of art with most of the major artists, and despite her success in the role of the maid, this role made her certain that the artist’s appreciation of the nature of the roles he plays and the extent of society’s respect for those roles, where she was exposed to a situation when asked by Ahmed Shawky, brother of artist Farid Shawky The marriage and he went to tell his family after they bought the double of the engagement, and he was surprised by the strong rejection of his family for her and the reason was that she appears as a servant to Hoda Sultan in her films, and he tried several attempts to persuade them, but to no avail, and Dad told that she was not greatly affected by this situation and her reaction was that she went to Alexandria for four days Then she returned as if nothing happened.

Widad knew her strong love for the ball and took a club to her as a team. She was fanatical in encouraging him and was very angry when he lost, and the end of her life is a tragedy by all measures. She owns only 250 pounds.

Wedad Hamdy (1)
Widad Hamdy

Wedad Hamdy (2)
Widad Hamdy


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