Will Smith curses 50 Cent because of his wife .. I know the details


Global singer revealed 50 Cent About a group of private messages between him and the global star will Smith Regarding his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s admission of a relationship between her and rapper Auguste Seine, the messages were as follows:

50 cent : Are you fine?

Will Smith: Yes, I’m fine. I appreciate your concern, brother

‏50 cent : But why is she saying this to you on a program that everyone is watching?

Will Smith: That period we were separate and we both had errors

‏50 cent : Seriously, she said she was the only one to give permission to someone. “He said an offensive word

Will Smith: “He cursed him

I finish 50 cent The conversation surprised that he found that he had done nothing abusive to meet this angry response from Will Smith.

And Smith seriously admitted to her husband the details of treason, and revealed all this through a video as she sat at a table and appointed her husband’s eyes to the famous star, which made her to the top of the search lists .

The 48-year-old singer sat with her husband for an intimate conversation on her show, Ali ‪Facebook ، ‪Red Table Talk She revealed that her friendship developed with Augustus about four years ago, and at the same time the couple was going through a difficult time and they separated, according to the British Daily Mail website..

The couple decided to talk about the matter after they denied Auguste’s allegations, namely, that Will had given him blessing in a relationship with Jada, and confirmed that their marriage is not traditional and that they have a “life partnership”, and the couple said that they had to speak frankly because there were many rumors revolving around them..

Pinkett Smith said that she started a friendship with the singer about four and a half years ago, and the relationship became more than just friendship when the differences between her and Smith increased..

Jada added that she met the young singer through their son Jaden and mentioned that the Louisiana-born singer who was 23 years old at the time, said: “Really sick, and everything started with him just in need of some help, I wanted to help him because of his condition Mental“.

“Our family initially took care of his health,” Jada said, speaking to Will Smith. “We found various resources to help get him out of his condition, and we were going through a very difficult time,” adding: “I’m done with you,” and made it clear that they decided to separate for a while.“.

So Smith asked her then what did you do, Jada? He asked her to continue the conversation, and she said: “Over time, she entered into a different kind of relationship with Auguste,” and when her husband Will Smith asked her to explain exactly what she meant, she replied: “It was a relationship, certainly“.

Smith’s wife added that she was feeling a lot of pain “and that the relationship between her and Smith was broken, adding that she discovered that she did not know Will Smith at all, and at that time the couple tried to get away from each other but we found that getting away was not possible.

At that moment, Pinkett Smith confirmed that her relationship ended with Augusta Sina, reconciled with Will Smith, and had not spoken to the singer for years, and said that she and her husband had found that love was unconditional.

While Smith indicated that he was not sure if he would speak to his wife again when they faced these problems, saying: “I told you in the first year that we got married that I could love you through anything“.

Will Smith listened to her talk and decided to forgive her for this and reconciled the married couple since 1997 and they have two sons and reached the stage of unconditional love, and Smith told her at the end of the interview, “I will return you to first“.

Jada’s admission – in front of everyone, did not come out of the blue, but after I felt that the rumors were restricting it, and that it is possible to reveal the truth and appear before the world that it is false. The singer recently announced that he had a sexual relationship with Jada Pinkett-Smith while talking about a song “‪Nunya” That was released last year and is believed by many to be serious.

He continued: “I sat with Will, and I told him that their marriage is just a partnership that does not involve love and romance, and that I love his wife, so he gave me his blessings“.

He added: “I have given our relationship so many years of my life, I love her so much and dedicate myself to her to the point that if I die now I will be fine, and since I first saw her I knew that I should be with her“.

After circulating the news widely on social media and the media all over the world, Jada denied August’s statements, confirmed that they are absolutely incorrect, and announced through her account on Twitter that she will appear through her program, the modern online table that is broadcast online to talk about the matter.

To return to Sina and publish a picture of their gathering on Instagram with a lengthy comment in which he talks about his freedom and reality and that he made courtesy communications and his statements did not bear any surprise to anyone (he means here, Will and apparently serious).


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