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Will Smith's wife blows a surprise and confesses to him ...

Source: Muhammad Ismail – Toss News

After pledging to uncover the truth and explosive allegations about her previous relationship with rapper Augusta Elsina, American actress Jada Pinkett Smith admitted to her husband the world famous actor will Smith She betrayed him when she was in a relationship with rapper Augusta Sina.

Jada Pinkett revealed that her relationship with Auguste Elsena occurred during her separation from Smith about four and a half years ago, adding during her talk to her husband Will Smith, in her program “Red Table Talk”: “We had separated, and over time, entered into a relationship with Auguste. ”

Jada Pinkett justified her action by saying that it had not occurred to her that she would return to her husband Smith again, and said: “I was feeling very pain and I was very broken.”


Pinkett, 48, confirmed that her relationship with Auguste Elsena had ended, that she had not spoken to him for years, and that she had reconciled with Will Smith and now reached “unconditional love”, adding: “Will and I have tried everything we can to get away from each other. Some just realize that this was not possible. ”

In turn, Will Smith said he was not sure if he would talk to Pinkett again after their separation, but he mentioned it during the meeting with their commitment, where he told her: “I told you in the first year that we got married that I could love you through anything.”

The duo Smith and Jada Pinkett, who have been married since 1997 and have two children, appeared on the “Red Table Talk” program to respond to the information circulating in the media after Augustina Sinas recent interview with a morning radio program in which he revealed that he was in a relationship with Pinkett Smith and that Smith Park Relationship.


Sinas comments sparked speculation in Hollywood that Pinkett and Smith were in open marriage, a form of marriage in which both parties agree that each of them may engage in extramarital sexual relations, without regarding this as treason.

It is noteworthy that Will and Jada first dated in 1994 and their relationship developed into a romantic relationship, although Will Smith was married at the time to Sherry Fletcher, and after Will and Sherry separated in the same year, his relationship became an official affair where we later announced their marriage.


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