With 8 controls … the women’s chapel will be opened in the Sayyida Zeinab Mosque, next Saturday afternoon


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Within the framework of the Ministry of Awqaf’s plan to prepare women’s chapels in some major mosques to gradually reopen them to pray under the full supervision of Awqaf preaching, the Ministry decided that the start of the experiment should be from the Sayyida Zainab Mosque, the sting of the women’s chapel in it, and the presence of female preachers who fully supervise the chapel.

The Ministry has established controls for this:

1 – The opening will take place at noon, afternoon, Maghrib and dinner times, and the opening of the mosque will be ten minutes before the prayer, and the chapel will be closed immediately after the end of the prayer, and within no more than half an hour from the time of the call to prayer to complete the closing process.

2 – Ablution in the home, and it is not allowed to open the toilets forever.

3- Wearing the muzzle with the personal chapel carrying, and no woman who does not wear the muzzle nor carrying the personal chapel will be allowed to enter.

4- Compliance fully with the places of the signs of divergence, such as the places where men pray.

5 – It will not be allowed to visit the Maqam at all until it is reopened to everyone when the outbreak of the Coronavirus ends, God willing.

6- For the sake of children’s safety, children or a woman with a child will not be allowed under any circumstances.

7 – It is not allowed to bring any food or drinks into the chapel.

8 – Once the specified number is completed, the chapel door will be closed and an apology for not being able to accommodate any excess number of the capacity of the chapel according to the observance of the spacing marks.

And when making sure that all the chapels adhere to the regulations, the major chapels will be opened in some of the major mosques with preachers to oversee the women’s chapels, while emphasizing the need for prior coordination with the head of the religious sector in the ministry’s general bureau before opening any chapel for the women, in order to ensure the preparation of the chapel and provide the necessary conditions To open it, and obtain written approval from the head of the religious sector to open it.

Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Jumaa, Minister of Endowments, directed the Cairo Endowments Directorate to quickly put the necessary spacing marks in the women’s chapel at the Sayyida Zainab Mosque, while sterilizing the place before opening it for prayer.

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