With a moving image and words … How did the artist Dawoud Hussein please Rajaa Al-Jeddawi?


11:17 am

Sunday 05 July 2020

Kuwaiti artist Dawoud Hussein, on Sunday, mourned the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, who left our world due to her HIV infection at the age of 82.

Hussein wrote through his account on Anstjeram, “left her heart good .. Part of possessed humanity and charisma Alphenah..alostazh please Jiddawi in the protection of God .. to the Gardens of Eternity, God willing .. light on the spirit of the pure mercy of God .. God and To him shall we return. “

The late artist was infected with the Corona virus, and she was transferred to an isolation hospital in Ismailia.

The able artist remained in the isolation hospital for 43 days until she died on Sunday morning, leaving her with a rich art history.

The late woman received several awards, including the “Cairo Brown Scarf”, through which she received the “Queen of the Mediterranean Basin” award.


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