With the “Mistakes of Films” clause … a fatal mistake in Omar and Selmas movie of 13 years


Almost 13 years have passed since the presentation of the first part of the movie “Omar and Salma”, which brought together artist Tamer Hosni and artist Mai Ezz El Din.

The movie included a number of stars such as Tamer Hosni, May Ezz El Din, Izzat Abu Auf, Mays Hamdan, Marwa Abdel Moneim, Thuraya Ibrahim, and others, and although the movie achieved great success at the time of its presentation in 2007, this did not prevent the existence of some lapses that may cause viewers to lose the required pleasure.

This error lies in one of the scenes in which a fight occurs between Tamer Hosni and Rami Waheed in defense of Mays Hamdan, and here we find that Tamer Hosni at the beginning of the scene takes off his watch from his hand, then the fight between him and Rami Waheed occurs and immediately after the fight we find that Tamer Hosni has become a wearer of his watch again


The film revolves around “Omar”, a young university student with multiple relationships, who suffers after leaving his girlfriend to him, and at the university he is attracted to “Salma”, who soon falls in love with her and tries to attract her to him, but at the same time he does not give up his transient relationships


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