Without Salah and Abu Trika .. Barakat chooses the best formation in the history of Egypt


Mohamed Barakat, the former Al-Ahly player and current director of football in the technical team of the national team, announced the best formation in the history of Egypt from his point of view, which did not witness the presence of Mohamed Abu Trika, his former colleague, andMohamed Salah The star of the Pharaohs and Liverpool Liverpool.

Barakat said in a television interview with “Al-Nahar” satellite channel, through “Awdat al-Labb” program: “He chose a formation that includes Thabet Al-Batal, Ibrahim Hassan, Mustafa Younis, Ibrahim Yusef, Rabeeh Yassin, Hamada Abdel-Latif, Shatta, Mukhtar Mukhtar, Hassan Shehata, and Hussam Hassan. , And Mahmoud Al-Khatib.

He commented on the absence of Salah from his squad: “I deliberately excluded Salah in order not to involve myself, I deliberately did not put any player from my colleagues or my generation, and Salah is the best in the history of Egypt.”

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He continued: “Salah represents an offensive force to be reckoned with for the Egyptian team for years, especially when he is in his technical condition, and the players of the Pharaohs when they are in their condition we will eliminate any team.”

Barakat revealed during his talk about the offer of Mahmoud Taher, former head of Al-Ahly Club, to work in contract management.

And Abizaid: “Mahmoud Taher offered me work in contract management at Al-Ahly Club at some point, but no share happened.”

Barakat refused to disclose his successor in stadiums, adding: “I refuse to answer this question, I reject comparisons, but I love Hussein Al-Shahat, I see him possessing a lot of my potential.”

واختتم Muhammad BarakatMahmoud El-Gohary and Hassan Shehata are great coaches and legends in training. The first one, may God have mercy on him, is better in the defensive school, and the second is better in the offensive school, and I used to feel more comfortable with the teacher.


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