Witness: The moment a child fell from the top of a house due to a kite


The pioneers of social networking sites in Egypt circulated a video clip that shows a painful scene for the moment when a child, less than ten years old, fell from the roof of a property in Cairo while playing a kite with his friends.

According to Egyptian media, the balance of the child “Islam Abdin” was suddenly disturbed while playing with the kite on the roof of his house, and he immediately fell down.

But divine providence saved him and recovered after days he spent in intensive care in a hospital.

Several similar incidents occurred in the recent period for the same reason, including what happened days before the child Hossam Mohamed Boraie (12 years), residing in the city of Tal Al-Kabeer in the Ismailia Governorate in the northeast of the country, where he was killed after falling from the roof of his house, in a water well, during Playing a kite, too.

And it has spread recently, especially with the period of curfews and closures due to the Corona virus, the kite game, but it has turned from a source of joy and happiness for children and adults, to a game of death, as a result of falling from high places.

The kite is a toy for children and adults made of wood and thread, and its idea depends on a lightweight, streamlined body attached to a thread or several threads to fly against the wind.

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