Witness: The opening of a ballet institute in Saudi Arabia


A woman living in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia has opened an institute for teaching ballet dance for both young and old women, despite the view of many members of Saudi society who reject this type of art.

Today, Friday, the state-run Al-Akhbariya television broadcast a photo report from the new institute, without mentioning the name of its owner, nor the coaches who work for it.

The owner of the new institute says that her interest in sports and the arts led her to open an institute specialized in teaching ballet art, after she saw her four-year-old daughter loves him, while one of the institute’s coaches talked about her career as the ballet learned to reach the stage of his education for children.

The fame of Saudi Arabia, Samira Al Khamis, who is a twentieth ballet dancer, has crossed the borders of her country, as she is very famous as a dancer beside her interest in fashion show, before the organizers of the Red Sea Film Festival, the first of its kind in the Kingdom, put her image on the official poster of the festival, which Its launch was postponed after the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Saudi ballerina Samira Khamis

While the number of ballet institutes is increasing in major Saudi cities, such as Riyadh and Jeddah, and families are increasingly enrolling their daughters to learn that art, many Saudis still oppose girls learning to dance in all its forms, including ballet.

A number of Saudi singers criticized the opening of a new ballet education institute in the eastern region, joining the regions of the Kingdom where these institutes are spread, where the owners of these criticisms do not see the feasibility of educating girls on that art.

Despite this, the ballet has lovers in Saudi Arabia and both sexes, as they describe it as a spiritual art that gives its practitioners a high sense of their abilities, and fun that traditional fitness and sports programs do not provide.

And the participation of women in Saudi Arabia increases, day after day, in the fields of sports, culture and the arts, after Riyadh has focused in the past few years on removing the restrictions that limit women’s participation in public life.

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