Yasmine Sabry: “She is my daughter”


The Egyptian actressYasmine Sabry“A guest in a previous TV interview with the media.”Mona Al-Shazly“With the program” This is Mona El-ShazlyWhich is displayed on a screen cbc, Where Sabri talked about her “Kitty” cat and the extent of her attachment and attachment to her, to the extent that she made her cross her as her son, which surprised the audience and sparked the atmosphere very strongly in the studio.

Where Yasmine made it clear during the meeting, that her kitti cat sleeps in her clothes inside her cupboard, as she eats with her from the same dish, and does not feel disgust at all. Yasmine indicated that she understands her from her looks, and meets her and her children’s needs immediately, and that small family is considered one of the most important things in her life.

It is reported that the artist Yasmine Sabry Trend topped me Social Media A few days ago, after it was published through its official account, the “Pictures and Videos” website.Instagram“A romantic photo collected by her husband, Egyptian businessman.” Ahmed Abu Hashima“While spending their summer vacation at a tourist beach. The photo impressed its followers due to its romance and the beauty of the landscape, where the couple appeared holding their hands on the beach and behind them a yacht, and they seemed to be null and void of a romantic movie.


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