You are a mistake and a loss in you who taught you


The artist Hassan Youssef entered into an intervention with the artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra after complaining that he was technically ignoring him.

Hassan Youssef said in a telephone interview with the “Cairo Today” program that he looks at the matter from another side, which is that the one who does not ask for work is the loss, because the one who requests adult artists adds to his work value and experience that benefits the youth.

And on the authority of Abu Zahra’s thinking about retiring, he said: “A wrong decision, and I say I am waiting for it when I came with you, I and I attributed Al-Alayli, Youssef Shaaban and Hussein Fahmy.

Directing his words to Abu Zahra, he added: “You are a mistake. The artist when he announces that he retired means that his artistic feelings are dead and the feelings of artistry and his ability I said.
Giving and may God grant you health, you retire because you have worked for you two years at a time, so you worked the year that passed and I read to you because I worked.

He continued, “The loss of the yoga that I taught you.” Hassan Youssef said that earlier Abu Zahra was suffering from a continuous nervous state, then they were in Dubai to film a series, and taught him the principles of yoga to make him feel comfortable and psychological calm.

And he sent him a last message in which he said: “Surrender of depression is one of the most dangerous diseases. Blush succumbs to him.”


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