Your husband is married to some extent … Raja Al-Jeddawi’s love story and her husband started with a refusal


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Sunday 05 July 2020

I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi:

The artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi describes her relationship with her late husband, Hassan Mukhtar, the former Ismaili club goalkeeper, with an eternal relationship, and always emphasizes the continuity of her marriage to him, even after his departure.

In the early seventies, the African Nations Championship was held in Sudan and was part of the national team’s mission. The presence of the artist, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, coincided with the Karaoke theater group to present several shows there, and “Rajaa” revealed the details of her relationship with her husband in a previous meeting with the “Ambassador Ambassador Aziza” program, saying: “Love comes after the passport.”

She added: “I couldn’t know him, nor with an understanding in the ball, and we met Mahmoud Mahmoud Al-Melegi, we were in Sudan, and I did theater makeup, and I was a little bit abundant.” She explained: “I was in the same hotel he was staying in. The wall of the balcony, and he caught a book that he could recite in it, and I asked him: Who told them who this intellectual was, and I knew him, but he is a transcendent, the six when the man ignores it draws her attention even more.

Raja recounted the details of their first dialogue, saying: “We met in the hotel, and I said today that you are fair, because yesterday, you were working as a uniform, and said you look sweet, and I looked at my job when I said I was a man, and I replied to him when he said that he is working as a player a ball”.

And she continued: “Eddie asked in the plane, and said, I want to marry you, and marry you, and my life is not what I said and need it, but I told him I am older than you, and he said that he would receive 55 pounds, and when he stopped a ball he would take 5 pounds, but I refused and said, my misfortune, and he said, I will marry you I mean, will you marry you? ”

She explained: “When we arrived in Egypt, he took the phone number, and he spoke to me the other day, and asked to meet me, but I refused at the first, and then we met at the Ramses Cinema, adding:” Say, we will not sit and we will buy the doubles along, he was with me 12 pounds, and he was with him 18 Pounds, so we bought two doubles for 31 pounds, even though the one with us was 30 pounds, so they wrote on my doubts Hassan Muhtar, and wrote on his doubles Rajaa Al-Jeddawi: “They were the sweetest 46 years of passport.”

Hassan Mukhtar died in 2016, and Raja collapsed after losing it and said in a previous meeting with her, tears filling her eyes about her feeling after his departure: “I felt that part of my heart buried him with him, the worst thing in the world is separation. Other than what you are speaking, pleasing to you, he was an honorable person and we add, and according to what I am sad but knowing that he is, God willing, our Lord will honor him there. ”

She revealed her will to him just before his death, saying: “I told him that I do not want you to marry until your next generation.”

Raja Al-Jeddawi died in the early hours of Sunday, July 5, after her health deteriorated due to infection with the emerging coronavirus. The news announced her daughter, Amira Mukhtar, who wrote on her Facebook account: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return … My mother is under the protection of God.”

Rajaa Al-Jeddawi entered the artistic field through the world of fashion, theater and cinema. Her artistic start was through a strange film in 1958.

Rajaa Al-Jeddawi married Hassan Mukhtar, the Ismaili goalkeeper and the former Egypt national team, on November 22, 1970. She gave birth to her daughter, Amira.

Among her most notable works are Al-Sayed Al-Shaghal, Gang Hamada and Tutu, Al-Bawab Al-Bawab, Egyptian Story, Hatuli Ragel, Doaa Al-Karawan, Taymour and Shafiqa, Karkar, Ladder and Serpent, Hanafi Al-Abha, Al-Bawab Al-Bawabit, the three they work .. and many different artistic works.

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