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Your morning is European. It is a daily morning report that monitors the distinguished guests of Yalla Koura, the most prominent headlines in the major European newspapers, whether German, English, Italian, Spanish or French.

English press

Orih surpasses his sorrows

The Ivorian player Serge Uriet appeared in the formation of his team, Tottenham Hotspur, against Newcastle, in Premier League, to overcome the grief of his brother’s death.

Sergei’s participation came only 48 hours after his brother was shot dead in a nightclub in France.

Lambert Lambert

Chelsea new player Hakim Ziash confirmed that his move to “Blues” came because of his desire to play under the leadership of Frank Lampard.

Ziash starts his career with the London team starting next season, after he became one of the first support for Chelsea to return to compete locally and European in the new season.

The Sun

Carabao starts before Premier League

It was decided to start the Carabao Cup before the new Premier League season, to avoid the possibility of canceling the championship under the pressure of next season.

The English Premier League is scheduled to kick off in its new season on September 12, and before that date the Carabao Cup tournament will begin.


Chelseas interest in Opelac is not surprising

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone has refused to consider Chelseas interest in escorting his keeper Oplak into the surprise.

Simeone confirmed that this is expected in light of the brilliance of the goalkeeper, but he stressed that Oblak, his captain, is extremely important to Atletico on the field and outside.

The Italian press

La Gazzetta dello Sport

The first centenary

Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic participated in his team’s match against Parma, in the 33rd round of the Italian League.

Ibrahimovic, with his participation in the Parma match, reached his 100th match in the Rossoneri shirt in all competitions.

Calcio Mercato

Simeone enters attention

Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte is in turmoil after the team’s performance fluctuated recently.

And Diego Simeone, coach of Atletico de Madrid, entered the circle of interest of Inter again, to succeed Antonio Conte, after their interest in him during the past two seasons.

Eriksen might go

Inter Milan midfielder Christian Eriksen appears to be over, with the Italian team over, after his manager Antonio Conte has been knocked out.

Inter aims to sell Erickson for 60 million euros, at Conte’s request, which has been criticized recently.

Spanish press


Frankfurt wants the Real player

Eintracht Frankfurt would like to sign Francisco Villacer, the young Real Madrid player who is active in the ranks of Castilla, to continue investing in the reserve team elements to reserve the Spanish team.

Francisco Velacer played one game for the first team during the 2017-2018 season, but he was unable to stabilize his goals and may be the new element that includes Eintracht Frankfurt after Omar Mascarel, Lucas Toro, and Jesus Vaijo.


Vinicius is losing his position

Real Madrid player Vinicius Jr is as far away from basic participation as he was before the return of the injured, as Ascencio Rudrigo became one of Zidane’s most prominent options.

Vinicius has been absent since the Getafe match on July 2 and appeared as a substitute against Granada, but he did not participate, to show that Zidane is putting him in a place less than before.


Sittin trusts to stay

Barcelona coach Kiki Sitten stated that he is confident that the team can continue during the next season, stressing that his work must be evaluated.

“Of course I see myself as a technical manager for the team next season, it is true that what is happening now has happened before, but sometimes that does not achieve what you aspire to, or may achieve, but behind all this there is a factor that likes to be evaluated. ”

Mundo Deportivo

The Battle of Messi and Benzema

Two rounds before the end of the Spanish League competition, Lionel Messi and Karim Benzema are competing for the title of top scorer, as the Argentine is three goals ahead of his French rival.
Lionel Messi has scored 22 goals this season, while Benzema has 19 goals, and Gerard Moreno, a Villarreal player who has scored 16 goals, comes from afar.

French press

France Football

20 years on the Mourinho march

Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho has celebrated his 20th birthday as coach.

During his career, Mourinho coached the Porto, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur teams.

To be installed

Zidane breaks Barcelonas hegemony

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is waiting to celebrate the La Liga title on Thursday night against Villarreal, or Sunday against Leganes.

Real Madrid won a difficult victory in the last match against Granada with two goals to one goal, to achieve the ninth victory in a row, and is close to crowning the title that Barcelona has monopolized since 2009, except for two seasons.

German press

Criticism of the demands of the masses’ ties

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, CEO of Bayern Munich, criticized the associations of fans in Germany because of their many demands.

Rummenigge said: “Unfortunately, we have now reached a stage where I only read to fans’ associations: We demand this and we demand it.”

He added: “Now they want to participate in the debate over the distribution of the proceeds of television broadcasting. But if you only ask to participate in the obligations and responsibilities while we are not ready, it will seem unilateral.”

Prussia announces the absence of Shamiles and the departure of Shorleh

Borussia Dortmund, the German league champion’s runner-up, announced that its veteran defender Marcel Schmelzer will be absent from the team at the beginning of next season, due to a knee injury.

The club also revealed that Andre SchOrle, crowned with the German national team in the 2014 World Cup, had left Dortmund following the cancellation of the contract that was supposed to last until 2021.


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