Yousra Al-Lawzi in her last photo from the house: Hereafter Al-Qi’dah at home with children


Yusra Al-Lawzi, her followers and fans, shared her latest photo from inside her house, through her personal account on Instagram, where she appeared stained with color on her face.

Al-Lawzi published her photo via his Instagram account, and wrote a satirical “And I will perform the Hereafter in the house with the children:

On the other hand, the actress, Yousra El-Lozy, revealed the scenes of her birth to her last child, “Nadia”, in light of her fear of the new Corona virus, and said that she was afraid to enter the hospital in the time of Corona, for fear of transmission to her or her child.

Yousra al-Lawzi, in an intervention through the application of Zoom with the media Rami Radwan, indicated that she gave birth to her daughter while she was wearing the muzzle and was hesitant to wear it because she was unable to breathe, saying: “It was a difficult need, but I came back, thank God.”

Yousra al-Lawzi continued that the reason for naming her name was Nadia that he was among many names and eventually she and her husband settled on him, stressing that she was satisfied with the name and was among the choices when she was called Dalila, and Nadias name applies to all languages.

Yousra Al-Lawzi had given birth last month to her second baby, she called her “Nadia”, and she wrote: “About two weeks ago,” Nadia “arrived in safety. Praise be to God, and so,” Mother of the Girls “remained. Thank you to all the people who asked Alia and stood by my side when I was worried about giving birth in Coronas time, may God protect all mothers in safety.

Yousra Al-Lawzi is participating in the movie “The Spider”, alongside all of the stars Ahmed El-Sakka, Mona Zaki, Dhafir El-Abdeen, Mohamed Lotfy and others. It was written by Mohamed Nair and directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal. It is scheduled to be shown during the upcoming Eid Al-Fitr season..

The movie “The Spider” is set in a frame of excitement and suspense, and it is usually the Sakka in his films, in addition to the dangerous action scenes that he performs himself without the use of Doppler..

Yousra El-Lozy’s latest work was a handwritten series that was shown recently and achieved great success, in which she appeared as a guest of honor. From Yusra al-Lawzi, who suffers a strange accident and disappears. Youssef, accompanied by his mother-in-law, Sawsan Badr, who works as a lawyer, works to solve the mystery of al-Lawzi’s disappearance.


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