Zamalek Council meets today to discuss many important files


The board of directors of Zamalek club, led by Mortada Mansour, will hold an important meeting at twelve noon today to discuss many important files related to the ball team and club management and issues surrounding Zamalek in the International Sports Court. Today’s meeting is postponed from last Sunday, while the club’s board of directors will hold an important meeting with Symbols of the club, old players and owners of Zamalek groups in the four oclock in the afternoon tomorrow, Friday, Hassan Helmy hall in the club’s headquarters in order to clarify some matters of the club, and it was decided that entry to the club should be through the sports activity portal, with instructions for all those invited to adhere to all medical precautions and wear a muzzle the face.

On the other hand, officials decided ZamalekAttribution of the Tunisian case, Hamdy El-Naqaz, to the Italian lawyer Cefalle, in order to submit an appeal in the case to the International Sports Court during the current period, after the Zamalek Administration reviewed all the papers of the external cases and the papers sent to the lawyers, after the FIFA issued a decision Zamalek fined one million and 300 thousand dollars in favor of Tunisian Hamdi Al-Naqaz, the white team player who broke his contract unilaterally, in the case that the Zamalek administration was keen to stop the ruling of the first degree by challenging him in the International Federation after receiving the various rationale for the ruling in that case, which Mortada Mansour, the club president, to follow up on it regularly.

Meanwhile, Amir Mortada Mansour, General Supervisor of the Football Sector of the Zamalek Club, was keen to review all the papers of the various outstanding cases for the club in FIFA with the administrative apparatus of the team and the lawyer, and at the top of those cases whose papers were all reviewed, the issue of electrifying, where the case is held in Zamalek, Italian lawyer Salvatore Chevalley The one who was assigned the case of Al-Niqaz to challenge the ruling of FIFA in the sports court.


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