Zamalek did not get the registration certificate of the “Real Century Club”


Books – Muhammad Sami:

A source at the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade revealed that the Zamalek Club applied for a trademark in the name of the “Real Century Club” on the fifth of this July, indicating that submitting an application does not mean obtaining the trademark.

The source pointed out in special statements to Laila Koura, Friday, that trademarks have a path to be followed according to the regulations organizing the order, starting with offering the full activity the products or services that the trademark is placed on, to one of the specialists to indicate the category or categories that the trademark will be registered according to The International Classification of Goods and Services is issued in its latest version, and a query is made about the name or logo that needs to be registered on the category or categories on which the trademark will be registered, to ensure its availability for registration.

The source pointed out that after that, the required application for registration is deposited on the category or categories on which the mark is used, or on which the trademark is intended to be used in the future.

He pointed out that the application is examined through the relevant section of the government office, and therefore the application is accepted or rejected according to the opinion of the researcher, and when the application is accepted, it is published in the Official Gazette of Trademarks (an official newspaper published by the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade on its official website periodically every day 7 from the beginning of each calendar month) for a period of 60 days, according to the law.

The source confirmed that within 60 days, which is the period of the opposition (publishing in the newspaper for 60 days), if it is confirmed that there is no official opposition by any party, registration fees are paid and the registration certificate is received.

The source noted, that Zamalek has not yet received the certificate for registration, because the opposition period of 60 days has not ended yet, during which time the trademark becomes registered after it, and it has the legal right to defend it against any attack.

Yesterday, Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek, announced that the Zamalek club, the Real Century Football Club, was registered with the Ministry of Supply.

In a video broadcast on his YouTube page, Mortada Mansour called for his counterpart Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the president of Al-Ahly, to remove all signs indicating that Al-Ahly is the club of the century.


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