Zamalek did not pay the new deals any money .. Video


He said Farouk Jaafar Technical advisor to the board of directors of Zamalek, all
The capabilities existed during the reign of Mortada Mansour, the club’s president.

“On Time,” Farooq Jafar said in a telephone interview with the satellite channel
Sports: “Planning and order are reasons for success Zamalek In the era of the current Council

Farouk Jaafar explained that the Zamalek Club is looking for tournaments after all availability
Possibilities .

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He assured that he is preparing to complete African Champions League in order to
Crowning the title.

He continued: “Zamalek did not give the new deals any financial dues.”
Adding that mortada Mansour He managed to make new achievements inside the white castle that did not happen on
Throughout history


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