Zamalek rearranges the positions of the Carton Body after the departure of El Shishiny and the inclusion of Abdel Raouf


The football department at Zamalek Club, under the supervision of Amir Mortada Mansour, has rearranged the positions within the technical staff after the departure of Sami El-Shishiny, the team coach, due to his apology for completing his mission due to the Corona virus, according to officials of the Zamalek Club, that Ahmed Abdel Raouf be included in the device The French aide, Patrice Carteron, the team’s technical director.

After the inclusion of Abdel-Raouf, the arrangement of the auxiliary body became as follows: “Carteron is a technical manager, Amir Abdel-Aziz is a coach, Ahmed Abdel-Raouf is an assistant coach, Amr Abdel-Salam is a coach for the goalkeepers.”

The “Seventh Day” had published the acceptance of Zamalek, the resignation of El-Sheshiny, but he was given a last chance to withdraw his resignation before Abdel Raouf today was formally included in the technical apparatus, and positions within the apparatus are rearranged..

On the other hand, the technical, administrative, and medical staff and players of the first football team of the Zamalek club conducted the first smear for Corona at the club’s headquarters, under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Osama, head of the team’s medical device.

Amir Mortada, the general supervisor of the ball, was present during the smear procedure, which came to check on the team. For his part, Dr. Mohamed Osama confirmed that tests were carried out to check on the health of the players and a rapid test of the antibodies, as well as the first smear.pcrHe added, “We will make medical measurements that will start from tomorrow for 3 days, where players are divided into groups and the measurements will be on the sixth of October in a hospital.”“.

In statements to the official Zamalek website, Dr. Mohamed Osama stated, “The second swab will be done within 72 hours Zamalek Authority revealed that no group exercises were held during the current period, as the device set up a program to implement it by agreement between the French Patrice Cartier, the technical director of the team and the medical device led by Dr. Mohamed Osama, where the beginning of the program came today, Friday, with the players undergoing the first smear of the Corona virus to make sure Players case.

The division of players is planned Zamalek Throughout tomorrow, Saturday, and after Sunday, in order to perform a set of different physical, physiological, and medical measurements, to determine their condition, after that the white team undergoes a second survey, that any exercise during the current period be individually to the players if Carton requests that issue , Where the first group exercise will be after the second swab.

While the French Patrice Carteron, the technical director of Zamalek, decided that the players enter a closed camp immediately after completing the second Corona smear and the different medical and physical measurements during the current period, and the French coach prefers in agreement with the medical device led by Dr. Mohamed Osama to enter the players a closed camp after completing the virus tests Corona until they are isolated and undergo intensive programs to regain their physical and technical fitness after a long period of stopping, and this camp will witness the team’s collective training, as part of the preparations that Al-Abiad performs after the return of the spherical activity inside the Mit Oqba Castle, and the closed Zamalek camp will be in Borg Al-Arab.

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