Zamalek striker congratulates Taher Taher on joining Al-Ahly: “A million congratulations”


Mostafa Mohamed, the striker of Zamalek and the Egyptian Olympic team, Taher Mohamed Taher, the playmaker of the Arab Contractors, congratulated him on his move to the Al-Ahly Club starting from the new season, after the red castle was officially announced on Thursday, and Mustafa Mohamed published through his personal account on Instagram an image collected by Tahar Mohamed Taher commented, “A million congratulations, my beloved, my heart.” And Taher signed the contracts for joining Al-Ahly for the next 5 seasons after Al-Ahly officials and contractors ended negotiations and material details regarding the player.

Tahir and Mustafa Mohammad
Tahir and Mustafa Mohammad

In a related context, Alaa Abdel-Ghani, the former Zamalek star and general coach of the Football Club’s First Team, confirmed that Taher Mohamed Taher, a player with a great professional mindset, and therefore the club can count on him in the upcoming games, after the return of sports activity on August 6, despite joining Al-Ahly club recently.

Abdel-Ghani added in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”: Taher is a great and professional player and we will benefit from him until the end of his contract with us, because it is a great technical value, and it will be an addition to us in achieving our goal in the current season, which is to stay in the golden square to participate in the African and Arab championships.

The contractor coach continued: I wish Taher success with Al-Ahly, although we will miss him in the team, but he deserved to move to the Red Castle, as it is one of the types of players who have the ability to assume responsibility for being in a team such as Al-Ahly or Zamalek and bear pressure.

For his part, Taher Mohamed Taher revealed that he possessed the idea of ​​a catcher that the Olympic team wore as soon as they qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, after the coronation of the African Nations Championship hosted by Egypt last November, especially that he was injured and Shawky Gharib informed the coach of the team that he will not be able to participate but will remain With them, while giving the opportunity to another player to participate with the Olympic Pharaohs, and he proposed the idea of ​​the catcher and presented it to his teammates, which is what they agreed to, so he contacted with his friends over the phone and provided the holdings for the players.

Taher said in remarks to the channel Al-Ahly He was encouraging the PSG team, but without being nervous, or nervous, but he prefers Barcelona over Real and Cristiano Ronaldo over Messi.

And on the culmination of Al-Ahly championship last season, he said that it was not surprising at all, and he talked about the fans of Al-Ahly and described him as a great audience, and thanked them for their support and support for him, and all the love that they showed him during the last period, saying: “I promise you a good need, Taher said that he is excited about the first game in which he wears Al-Ahly shirt in official matches, and won all the championships with the team.

Taher referred to his personal life, saying: “I am not connected to my mother and father. They used to help me a lot until I reach what I want, and fulfill my wish, but my father’s role was greater.”


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