Zamalek uses the facade of the Ministry of Sports building to declare it “Club of the Century”


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The users of the short blogging site «Tuteer» shared a picture of the facade of the Ministry of Youth and Sports building, and it was used by the Zamalek Club to declare it a club of the century.

Zamalek club celebrations, with the title of the True Century Club, started in Mit Oqba, on the sounds of dates, rockets, fireworks, and songs for the Zamalek Club at the club’s headquarters in Mit Oqba.

Mortada Mansour, the president of Zamalek Club, had decided to adopt on July 9, as the date claimed to celebrate the title of the Real Century Club.

The Egyptian club Al-Ahly announced on Tuesday that it had sent an official letter to the United Media Services Company, which owns and operates the Zamalek Club channel, in order to stop it from what it called “false celebrations of the club’s title”, which was scheduled to be held today 9-7.

The White Castle Board of Directors, headed by Mortada Mansour, believes that his club is the right to win the title, prompting him to try to celebrate this.

The Zamalek channel had confirmed that no celebrations would take place and that the channel’s program would be as it was in normal circumstances without any celebration.

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