Zlatan, Milan coach argues against switching (video)


Zlatan, Milan coach argues against switching (video)


The Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic contributed to Milan’s first goal against Bologna during the match that brought the two teams Saturday to calculate the 34th round of “Calcio”, but Ibera was not happy to replace him.

The calciomercato website revealed a verbal altercation between the Swedish star and his coach Stefano Bioli after replacing him in the 61st minute after the winning pass came from an elaborate cross from French Theo Hernandez towards Zlatan, who in turn made a tricky move, which the ball passed from between his feet, before it reached the Belgian Alexis Salimaekiers , Who translated it into the first goal for his team.

The site stated that tension had occurred between Zlatan and Bioli after the Swedish striker was replaced by the coach, where Ebra told Bioli as he pointed to the stadium saying: “I want to stay here, you had to replace another player.”

Ibraa did not take the switch quietly, but sat tense on the bench until the end of the match, when he wanted to find a goal for him.

At the end of the match, Bioli intervened to clarify what happened with Al-Suwaidi: “Zlatan said something but frankly I did not understand it. Naturally, he is looking for more on the field, but I have to manage the match and find a strength in the team.”

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Milan continues strong performances with five in the net of Bologna (video and photos)

Milan won 5-1 at home to Bologna to continue the “Rossoneri” strong performances, where he maintained a record free of defeats in the League for the eighth consecutive game (he won 6 and drew twice), and raised his score to 56 points in sixth place.

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